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SmartPrep is an organization that helps students and professionals prepare for a variety of standardized tests.

We are usually in office 11 am to 7 pm, Monday to Saturday.

We do guarantee score increases. Please note however, that this is subject to students’ attending the classes regularly and completing all assigned drills and exercises.

At SmartPrep, we believe in keeping our classes small, so as to encourage student-instructor interaction. Generally, class sizes do not exceed 12 students. Under exceptional circumstances, we extend this number to a maximum of 15 students. We also offer one-on-one classes.

Sometimes students have particular needs that cannot be dealt with effectively in a regular class session. In these cases we offer one-on-one sessions. These sessions are tailored courses designed to be taught to one student at a time. One-on-one sessions are particularly useful because they allow flexible scheduling and special emphasis on specific areas of the course.

Diagnostic tests are sample tests, prepared on the format of the test you are prepping for and conducted in simulated test environment. They give you an idea about the test content and structure, and help “diagnose” your weaknesses. We recommend all our students to take an initial diagnostic test before starting any of our various test-prep courses. It will help us identify which class is most suitable for your needs and what are the problem-areas that we need to focus on.