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Smart prep definitely sticks to what it offers…’think smart,not hard’! Everybody is familiar with the concepts but its application and the tricks being taught are very constructive. Also, the instructors are very accommodating, they are willing to adjust their schedule and offer counselling to boost up the morale. All this amalgams into a defining learning and teaching environment helping to achieve a competitive score.
Maham Shoaib, Lahore School of Economics

Coming to attend GMAT lessons after a long tiring day at university, I wondered how I was supposed to NOT fall asleep during class. However, Arif’s enthusiasm and ability to offer constant entertainment kept me wide awake and captivated at all times. On top of all the energy, he brings a wealth of information to the classroom based on his unique perspective and distinctive preparation techniques. We were given a TON of useful strategies that not only enabled me to achieve a score of 760 but that too with just 8 weeks of preparation (6 weeks at SmartPrep and an additional 2 weeks of self-practice).
An overall amazing course! I possibly can’t recommend it enough!
Sameen Meenai
GMAT Score: 760

My experience with SmartPrep was very good. The teachers, sir Reza and sir Farooq, were very helpful and friendly, thoroughly explaining all the questions in many different ways. The weekly practice tests were a great way to track improvements and weaknesses. The helpful tips & tricks for attempting the questions also went a long way in helping me achieve a very good score (2110) on my absolute first attempt at the SAT. I would recommend SmartPrep to everyone.Hassan Memon, SAT Student, LGS Islamabad

Smartprep really helped me in preparing for the GRE. Their rigorous classes are structured and well-paced so that we practiced new tricks as we learnth them, and applied our learning by taking regularly scheduled diagnostic tests. Ms. Sasha Munir was a brilliant instructor and extremely patient in helping each person with their personal problem areas. She went out of her way to help me with the quantitative portion, slowing down whenever I needed it and taking the time to re-explain things I did not understand. Thanks to her and Smartprep, I was able to score high enough on the GRE to get into the #1 graduate program in International Relations and Foreign Policy in the world at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service.
Khushbakht Sohail, LUMS and Georgetown University

My GMAT story was quite a topsy-turvy one. I started my GMAT preparation with SmartPrep in December last year, however due to unforeseen circumstances I was unable to sit for the exam. A good seven months later I mustered up the courage to finally sit for the exam. I had got a job and had to manage work stress along with the rigorous GMAT prep routine. Here, I must credit my GMAT tutor at SmartPrep in providing assistance at flexible timings, whereby I could easily divide my time between work and study. Also, getting back into the groove wasn’t that difficult as the techniques and concepts taught initially were thorough. With a couple of hourly sessions at SmartPrep I managed to brush up my concepts and was ready for the exam. I was able to achieve my target score. Hope my story serves as a motivation to someone who has prepared, but somehow failed to sit for the test. I highly recommend SmartPrep as your GMAT preparation companion, especially for professionals.
Danyal Naeem, Lahore School of Economics

My experience at SmartPrep was extremely helpful for my GRE preparation. The Institute provides a comfortable environment to study and prepare in and the material provided in order to equip students for the test is also very relevant. Sasha Munir, the instructor, is one of the most patient teachers I have studied with-she went out of her way to ensure that each student knew his or her strengths and weaknesses and would be ready on their test day. She was available at all hours in case the students needed help outside of the classroom. I would highly recommend students preparing for the GRE to join SmartPrep.
Zahra Qureshi, GRE student

Smartprep classes helped me get a great score, and I strongly recommend Smartprep classes to anyone who needs help with the SAT. I want to thank my teachers, Sir Omar and Sir Reza, for all their guidance and encouragement. I couldn’t have done it without you!
Eman Ahmad, Westminster School Islamabad
SAT Score: 2100

SmartPrep helped me to achieve the best result I have ever gotten on a test. Before starting the course I had very tempered expectations about what score I could achieve, but with the guidance and confidence Sasha gave me, I exceeded everyone’s expectations. Not only does the course help you answer all the questions a GMAT exam can throw at you, it helps you to do so in a time efficient manner which is key to getting a high score . I highly recommend anyone to sign up for this course.
Shazil Naqvi, University of Michigan
GMAT Score: 740

From Imran Bhai to Busharat to the super helpful staff, SmartPrep provides the best facilities you’re going to find to help you master the SAT. The test may seem daunting at first but SmartPrep makes an integral part of your college application a breeze to excell at.”
Hassaan Ali, Aitchison College
SAT Score 2350

The SmartPrep SAT classes had the ideal environment, conducive to learning. The classes were conducted in a focused yet relaxed manner and this really made the whole experience better.
Mashal Omer, SAT student, LGS Islamabad

Thank you for the summer SAT course. My scores have improved dramatically- roughly 400 points. What really stood out was the instructor, Mr. Reza Abbasy, was very dedicated, easygoing, and most importantly, skilled in all the areas. He went above and beyond his duties and connected very well with his students.
Panpailin Jan, International School of Islamabad (ISOI)

Thank you smartprep, for helping me work smart and thank you Sasha, Ali and Imran for always being there and working tirelessly to assist me.
Nausherwan Amir. Aitchison College.
SAT Score: 2310

Smartprep really helped me to think like a standardized test taker specially because I took the GMAT during the last year of my undergraduate. My instructor Sasha made me practice so many problems and motivated me so much to aim higher. Thank you Smartprep for letting me reach my goals.
Nadia Iqbal.
Duke university ’15

Smart prep has really helped me achieve a good SAT score. Miss Sasha and Sir Arif’s effective teaching methods and innovative strategies for tackling the SAT have been able to significantly raise my score by almost a hundred points in every section from my original score. They honor and keep up with their promise of a guaranteed 200 point jump. Moreover, Smart Prep gives you a true picture of where you stand and keeps you morale and motivation high to reach you dream score.
Mustafa Amjad, Aitchison College, University of Pennsylvania.
SAT Score: 2290

After taking smartprep classes, I found that I was much more comfortable giving the SAT. I found the techniques and methodology used by smartprep to be easy to apply and easy to learn, and made studying for the SAT much easier.
Mazen Lone, Aitchison College
University of Southern California

Smart Prep is really very smart. It prepares the students for the most difficult papers which need intelligence and the smartness both. I am very grateful to Allah Almighty and secondly the Smart Prep who made me get into LUMS.
Ehsanullah. Aitchison College

The LCAT experience at SmartPrep was the most resourceful and amazing part during my LCAT preparation period. The preparation was thorough and up-to-the-point. The best part about the LCAT classes @ SmartPrep were the interactive group discussions. I would highly recommend SmartPrep for LCAT classes, in particular.
Ahmad Tabassum, Aitchison College

Smartprep played a pivotal role in my admission into LUMS. It strengthened my basics and made a good foundation on which to build upon. The diagnostics were really helpful and made me work even harder for the next one. Couldn’t have done it without Smartprep.
Bilal Afzal. Aitchison College

When I joined Smartprep, I did not know what was going to happen.In the beginning I did not understand it. I found LCAT very difficult when I did my first LCAT diagnostic. At that time I thought I would not do good in my LCAT. I did as much Maths as possible and day by day my results got better and better. SmartPrep provides very killer diags to their students, as their maths is very tough. This time maths was way easier int he test than the diags of LCAT> English was the same as the diags of LCAT> But I thank SmartPrep as it provides good material for their students appearing in tests like LCAT. Doing tough diag tests is good so in the actual test students find LCAT easier and could do better than in the diags. However the best part was the LCAT fiesta as it allowed students to cover as many problems as possible.
Humais Aziz, Beaconhouse Defense Campus

Choosing Smart Prep for my LCAT preparation turned out to be a wise decision. The manuals provided combined with the drills allowed to us develop a good
understanding of the topics and that was later put to test via diagnostics. So not only did we study but we also got the chance to implement the techniques we
learnt. This allowed us to analyze our progress and pick out the areas we needed to work on. Such an organized structure sets Smart Prep apart from every
other academy.
The best part of this institution is the highly supportive teachers. Their determination and hard work acts as a motivation for the students. They are
always there for the students no matter what time or how big or small the issue is. Such guidance encourages the students to go the extra mile and give their
best shot.
And then we got delicious food which refreshed us during the diagnostics and made us put in that extra effort. 😀
Bilal Yousaf – Beaconhouse Defence Campus

It was a wonderful experience being a part of the Lcat Classes at smart prep this time around. I learned a lot, from techniques to easy ways out of problems and so on. SmartPrep helped me, hence, success in my Lcat, which was on the 9th of February 2014.
Lcat diagnostics prepared me for the worst and I am very grateful of Ms Sanaa and Mr. Furqan for having the patience and teaching us lot.
Daniyal Hasan, The Learning Alliance

Smart prep strengthened key concepts needed for the LCAT. I felt better prepared for the test after I had taken their classes.
Mazen Lone, Aitchison College

Smartprep helped me to get familiar with the test pattern. Instructors taught me every thing, within the syllabus of Smartprep.Makeup
classes were given to me due to clash with sse classes. I was given an extra hour, during which all my problems related to the drills were addressed. I request the admin to introduce a new class in a week, and all queries related to diagnostics can be dealt in that particular class. I can now say that Smartprep has made me smart, a bit.
Muhammad Aazaan, Aitchison College

It was a great experience for me in Smartprep. All the teachers were very friendly and cooperative and thankyou for your cooperation..
Zaryab Hayat, Forman Christian College

I would recommend SmartPrep to whoever intends to appear for LCAT. getting us used to difficult questions really helped. Thank you 😀
Duaa Ilyas, LACAS

If I had to I’d put it this way – “If the SAT is the mother of all exams then smartprep’s the mother of all prep institutions” ……. AND…… “you really cannot go wrong with smartprep- follow what they say and you’ll get a 300+ point boost.”
Which is actually what happened with me. I went from 2020 to 2330.
Ahsan Azim, LGS JT
SAT Score: 2330

SmartPrep helped me look at questions in a different way. It helped my brain to work smart yet hard. The teachers are amazing and are always there for any problem. The biggest advantage is that if you don’t understand a question, there are differemt teachers available to explain it in different ways.
Kiran Manzoor, LACAS

Studying at Smartprep has been a great experience, right from the first day when Arif welcomed me on on board to when Sasha taught we both Math and Verbal. I learnt a great deal from her especially in Math since my Math was very poor, we did a lot of problem solving and all my weak points were identified and resolved. Personally, I would recommend taking tuition from Smartprep to anyone who wishes to attain a higher GRE score. I was provided with a verbal book of words to learn as well that would improve my English, there is nothing the centre did not do at their end to ensure that I get a good score. If I get a good score it will at be because of the Smartprep team.
Meezan Zahra, LUMS

Having considered myself to be woefully poor at standardized tests, I had more or less resigned myself to the fact that no matter what I did, the GRE would always stand between me and graduate school heaven. I was, however, urged on by my peers to try the SMARTPREP GRE course. I was hesitant at first. You see, after disappointing experiences with tuition centres during A-levels I had become militantly opposed to these money making behemoths which, through their very superficial approach to education, stifled active learning. SMARTPREP, fortunately, turned out to be different. Not only did me and my colleagues receive significant individual attention, our instructor, Sasha Munir, was also very engaging and affable, making the entire learning process productive and fun. In the end, with the help of the wonderful staff at SMARTPREP, I got the score that I needed.
Mohsin Rao, University of Chicago

Joining SmartPrep was probably the best decision I made with regards to preparing for the GMAT exam. It was because of their in depth conceptual teaching method as opposed to other gimmicky prep centers, that I was able to truly understand how to go about solving GMAT problems and achieve a good score. The teachers are great and will go out of the way to help you when you need it,and of course the teachers being the wonderful Sasha and Math Wiz Ayeaz.
Imran Rashid,
MBA Clark University 2016

I feel really fortunate to have the opportunity to have study from such a team of dedicated teachers.
Hamna Khan
LCAT, LUMS Class of 2016

Smartprep really lives up to its motto of working smart and not hard. The faculty of Smartprep (Aqdus and Rashid) ensures that it gives you the techniques you require to avoid tedious steps in preparing for the GRE. The GRE doesn’t seem half as difficult when you have Smartprep’s expertise at your disposal. From quick tips to managing routines and building GRE stamina, Smartprep makes you fully equipped to not only tackle, but ace the GRE!
Syed Ali Danyal

Smart Prep has a very comfortable environment and the best teachers. Each student gets proper attention there.
Sarah Mirza
LCAT, LUMS class of 2016

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, and Smart Prep showed me how to dream and believe in my dreams.
Dawood Khan
SSE, LUMS SSE Class of 2016

Smartprep has helped me get into LUMS without making the process as boring and hectic as it should have been. With teachers that genuinely enjoy their subjects learning became dare i say it… fun!
Khawaja Harris, LACAS
SSE, LUMS Class of 2016

Smart Prep helped me achieve what I desired. Before Smart prep I could not have imagined the score I was hoping to get. Thankyou Smartprep.
Asad Bilal, Aitchison College
SAT 2013

SmartPrep is an organization that assists students and professionals to prepare for local and international standardized tests. Students are taught to work smart rather than hard. The staff at SmartPrep is important because it imparts certain tips to the students, which can prove fruitful at the time of their respective tests. All the teachers are well versed in their respective subjects and are adamant in their determination to bring the best out the best from each and every student. The approach adopted by the teachers is that of professionals and perfectionists. They are loyal towards their job and are capable enough to do justice to it. For the preparation of LCAT, SmartPrep was my choice and today I am proud to say that it proved to be a very desirable decision. Both Miss Aqdus and Sir Ahsan played a significant role in reviving and polishing my basic concepts of English and Mathematics, which had deteriorated over the last few years, and supported me throughout the time I was there with them.
Qamber Ali , City School, Model Town
April 2010

What do you want when you join a test preparatory service? Yes, most importantly, you want to do well on that test and get into a college where you’d like to spend the next 4 years of your life. And well, Smartprep helped me get just that. Those chilly evenings of January and February spent in cold classrooms of LGS 55 Main finally paid off when I received my acceptance letter from LUMS. Needless to say, this would not have been possible without the unending guidance of Ms. Aqdus and Sir Ahsan. However, I would not be half as happy as I am if those classes would not have been fun in their own unique way for I believe in learning and excelling while enjoying the process rather than suffering in misery and dragging myself all along. This way success loses its charm but these individuals at Smartprep make sure that never happens. I’d recommend Smartprep to those kids who actually want to learn and retain the skills taught in such classes for they are very important in everyday life as well. Of course you want to do well on the test as well but please don’t worry about it because if you are regular, do your homework and don’t sleep in class, you’ll ace it. Also, Smartprep is for those who would prefer taking a test honestly, rely on their intelligence and believe in merit; it is certainly not for those who are looking for an easy way out of a certain admission test for some day that short cut is going to cost you heavily.
Have fun prepping with Smartprep.
– A smarticle particle polished by Smartprep.
Faryal Ashraf, LGS 55 Main
LUMS Class of 2016

Lahore, city with the largest student population and an ever increasing number of coaching centers. Amidst them, however, is something unique, something different, something smart, something they call as “Smartprep”.
Want a glass of chilled coke in cold winters? Or a soothing Dairymilk chocolate? Or how about making yourself a cup of tea with at-least three tablespoons of sugar? All of this is now possible in a coaching centre. The very prerequisite however includes:
1) You must be a student of Smartprep.
2) You must be a student of “SSE” class at Smartprep.
It is because SSE students are the most “special” among the pool of students at Smartprep (or at-least they made us feel so). Whether it comes to 5:1 student to teacher ratio or arranging special classes or enjoying individual time for queries from teachers, Smartprep has cooperated so much with us, the 2012 SSE class of Smartprep.
For an overwhelming majority of students who wish to pursue their undergraduate from Pakistan, LUMS is the “dream” university. Smartprep played a pivotal role in training me for SSE exams in such a short span of time. I thank all my teachers for their devoted efforts.
CAUTION: Attempt diagnostics without peeking at others’ diagnostic. The mirrors are semi-reflective; people in the office can see you!
Ahmad Azhar, Beaconhouse DHA
SSE, LUMS class of 2016

I would recommend Smart Prep to anyone looking to gain an edge in the AKU admission test.
The classes by Sir Rashid and Ali were fun and covered most of what was required for the test.
The verbal classes by Miss Aqdus closely mirrorred the content of the test.
Jehanzaeb Jang, Aitchison College

The last four weeks of my last month were spent in constant effort to prepare myself for the NUST and GIKI entry tests, at Smartprep.
The time spent with Rashid, Ali Ahsan and Umer as a smartprep team was good. They were good teachers and gave us a time to remember.
In the end, the overall time spent with Smartprep turned out to be even better as i got into GIKI and now i am hoping to get into NUST too!! Thanks guys!
Faizan Taimoor
GIKI Class of 2016

Smart Prep’s service was amazing, enjoyed being part of Smart Prep.
Ahmed Khan, Aitchison College
LUMS class of 2016

Smart prep is really a smart institute for preparation and entry to LUMS. Staff is cooperative; there is no doubt about it. But I was more inspired by my class teacher Mr. Muhammad Mobeen whom I used to call MMM. He is very efficient and knows how to teach difficult stuff in a smart way. He did not only prepare me for lmat in short time but also coached me how to appear for the Interview. Truly speaking, my whole admission credit goes to him.
Danish Shahzad
LUMS MBA Class of 2014

Smart Prep is the no. 1 institution when it comes to preparation for aptitude tests such as SAT or entry tests such as those for AKU or NUST. My first option for tuition for AKU prep was Smart Prep and I am glad to say that it was a worthwhile experience. The teachers are also knowledgeable and friendly and the classesses are never boring. If only A’levels could be taught this way as well in classes from 6 to 10 with this much amount of fun. The diags are very accurate to the real thing and you get hung up on them for finishing all of them and trying to increase your score. The obsession got to the extent when we would be here till midnight. Smart Prep according to me is THE institute to come if you want to get into AKU.
Mohd. Salman Asif, LACAS

Smart Prep was my first choice when it came to preparation for AKU and after the whole experience, I can safely say that it did not let us down at all. From the youtube videos that Rashid shwed us to the free coke fom Ali Ahsan. The flexible timings and constant pressure helped us achieve our end goal. I would really like to thank Aqdus for pushing us amd making us focus on the verbal course, Arif Piracha for showing us that we were all in need for his magic herbal medicine, Rashid for staying with us till 11:30 in the night so that we could finish off all our AKU diags on the last day. I am truly in debt to Smart Prep for making me get over this obstacle.
Mohd. Omer Laghari, LACAS

I felt great being part of Smart Prep. Their techniques are unique and I was totally satisfied with the entire experience.
Rabea Fawad Malik, LGS 55 Main
LUMS class of 2016

Smart Prep helped me find the path leading to success in the SAT without which i would have been lost. i am forever grateful to the system and faculty of Smartprep.
Asfandiyar Husain, Aitchision College
SAT 2013

I would like to thank you for putting in a lot of effort which thankfully has culminated in my admission in LUMS.Cheers!
Hafiz Usman, SICAS
LUMS Class of 2016

It was a great experience overall and the course in a short period of time which we had and the syllabus was quite helpful in passing the entry tests with a high merit. The staff was kind and friendly and the small strength of the class made the student-teacher communications easier. Smartprep fulfilled my needs and was upto the standards. It was a good decision to choose smartprep indeed. Thankyou very much all!!
Muneeb Dar
GIKI Class of 2016

From waiting outside Smartprep for Shaukat bhai at ten in the morning to being assaulted by Sir Mobeen’s deadly water gun, Smartprep was as beneficial as it was enjoyable. The excellent teaching, the diagnostic tests (oh boy, all those diagnostic tests!), the classroom shenanigans, the super-friendly staff… When all is said and done… 2390. A special shout out to Sir Mobeen, Ma’am Aqdus and, of course, Shaukat bhai. Long live Smartprep!
Maheer Iqbal, Beaconhouse DHA
SAT Score 2390: 800 Reading, 800 Writing, 790 Quantitative!

Smartprep proved as a mentor in my preparation for the AKU test. The test proved as a difficult ordeal at first, but it was through constant effort that I was able to do well in the whole application process (Alhamdulila). English is one of the most important sections of the test; and I can say it with confidence that the teachers at Smartprep (particularly Madam Aqdus) made me do well in this part of the test.
Cheers! 🙂
Sheraz Hussain
AKU Class of 2016

LUMS is a dream for every student. I have managed to get in to LUMS with just 6As and 2Bs in O-levels where as people with 9As are still on the waiting list. Thanks to SmartPrep for guiding and helping me. SmartPrep is an excellent institution for test preparation and there is so much you get to learn their not only from teachers but also fellow students due to the conducive settings. It has a friendly and cooperative atmosphere in which every student would love to work and the best quality is that teachers are not worried about class timings ending and are willing to teach after hours and provide extra help. The diagnostic tests I gave at SmartPrep really helped me and according to me if you give your diagnostics on time that is the key to your admission. Anyone who wants to see herself/himself in LUMS you have come to the right place: SmartPrep.
Amna Arshad, LGS DHA
LUMS Class of 2015

At SmartPrep I found just the right mix of structure and flexibility that i needed: neither was I bogged down by work beyond my potential nor did I waste my time in going over things I had already mastered. My teachers encouraged me to work at my own pace according to my own needs. i was provided access to a number of varied learning resources and thus I had everything at one place; there was no need to run around looking for this book or that CD.
The environment at SmartPrep was a key factor in determining my GRE performance. Every good diagnostic score was considered a personal success and every wrong answer was considered an opportunity to improve upon. To help me improve was considered an obligation by everyone at SmartPrep and was acted upon as such. I was pushed to challenge myself and to realize my potential.
Daniyal Khan, LUMS
GRE Score 1440

Smartprep was a platform which not only taught me the SAT but also taught me tips and techniques which prevented me from the one mistake everyone in the world taking the SAT makes: being afraid of the SAT. Even though it was highly tiring driving to defence from Johar Town for tuitions, I admit I enjoyed the classes to every bit ranging from Mobeen throwing pieces of chalk at us in order to maintain our undivided attention to his lecture to the daewoo bus glasses of coca cola given to us by the amazing administration. The people at Smartprep prove to be more than just teachers, they become friends and whenever a class is being conducted by a friend, the class automatically becomes more fun. I owe my score to Smartprep which lived up to its guarantee of a score increase. I’ll miss you guys.
Irtza Badar, LACAS
SAT Score: 2030

SAT was an enjoyable experience. Madam Aqdus and Arif Piracha motivated me to this end. SmartPrep also taught me to not only work smart but also hard.
Thank you!
Irtiza Butt, Aitchison College
SAT Score 2310: 800 Reading, 750 Writing, 760 Quantitative.
May 2011

For someone like me, who is working full time and has been out of school for a while, I appreciated SmartPrep’s flexible timings and small class size. The teachers were really dedicated and continued to coach the students even after the course had been completed. In a span of 6-8 weeks I was able to raise my GRE score from 750 to 1310!
Maheen Saeed
GRE Score 1310

SmartPrep helped me achieve my goals in a way no other tuition center could have. The friendly atmosphere and accommodating attitude of the entire staff and teachers made it a useful and a memorable experience. My special thanks to Sir Ali Shehper.
Omer Khan , Aitchison College
GIKI Class of 2015

Everyone at SmartPrep, thanks a lot for your great effort in helping me get into LUMS. You provided me with a lot of help and support. Especially, Sir Mobeen showed full devotion towards JT boys. All credit goes to him. ; – )
Asad, LGS Johar Town
Accepted for the LUMS Class of 2015

What can I say? When a dedicated team of instructors change your notion about the most daunting exam of perhaps your entire life from ‘near-impossible’ to amenable, you can safely declare without any qualms that magic has been performed. Thank you SmartPrep!
Muhammad Mustafa Mian, Aitchison College
LUMS Class of 2015

SmartPrep gave me the edge I needed to do well on my LCAT. My offer of admission from LUMS is proof of that.
Thank you!
Abbas Hassan, Aitchison College
Accepted for the LUMS Class of 2015

Being a part of the SmartPrep “FAMILY” has been a true pleasure. All the hard work put in did not feel as difficult or challenging due to the friendly environment and team effort put in at SmartPrep. It has been more of a group discussion rather than a formal class where a student thinks twice before participating. I would choose Smartprep over any other institute any day and would suggest it to my siblings and friends without a doubt.
Sunair Zakir, Beaconhouse Defence
LUMS Class of 2015

SmartPrep made me realize that the SAT is by no means the predicament many consider it to be. The interactive class sessions and weekly diagnostics were significant in improving my scores and bolstering my confidence. Overall, learning at SmartPrep was a worthwhile experience: one that I would highly recommend. Hats off to SmartPrep – couldn’t have done well without all the help.
Sara Sajjad, LGS DHA
SAT Score 2260
October 2010

You people really know what you are doing. Miss Hannanah never bothered us or mind our jokes. She made is study without burdening us with extra work. Classes at SmartPrep made learning fun. I did not do any extra studying at home and only learned what I did at smartPrep. Of course the many practice tests I did helped a lot. If anyone has to study for SAT, they should come to SmartPrep.
Mohammed Ali, LGS Paragon
SAT Score 2010
December 2010

Books are not enough to learn from when it comes to SAT. SmartPrep’s diagnostic tests helped me a lot in terms of pacing myself and getting more questions right in less time.
Suhail Idrees, Aitchison College
SAT Score 2250
December 2010

SAT is probably the most traumatic part of the college application process and I must admit that I was rather intimidated by it. However, SmartPrep made me realize that not only could I survive the test with grace but also get a great score. I enjoyed sir Arif’s fun filled classes loaded with antics, tricks and practice that helped me ace the exam and apply abroad with confidence with a 2360!
Amn Nasir, LGS 1-A-1
SAT Score 2360
October 2010

LUMS being my first preference for college, it was imperative that I had the best preparation possible for its entrance exam and SmartPrep did not disappoint. It had a very comprehensive study schedule with excellent teachers who offered tips and advice for solving the toughest of LCAT questions.. Thank you SmartPrep!
Hira Qureshi, LGS DHA
LUMS Class of 2015

SmartPrep really helped me out a lot through the diagnostics. I really liked the atmosphere there.
Thanks a lot!
Hammad Tahir, Aitchison College
SAT Score 2060
October 2010

I am very happy to score 1850 on my first attempt. I was expecting less than 1700 – seriously because I got 1510 on my first diagnostic. Now, I managed to score a 770 on math!
Ahmad Saeed, Aitchison College
SAT Score 1850
October 2010

Attending classes at SmartPrep was very helpful and informative for me. They made me realize my strong and weak points to prepare better for the SAT.
Hasnain Qadir, LGS JT
September 2010

Thank you so much for all your help.
Don’t think I would have done half as well without your help.
So thank you Smartprep!
Hamza Qaiser, Aitchison College
SAT Score 2380
June 2010

SmartPrep has been a unique learning experience.
I never thought learning could be so much fun.
I really enjoyed our interactive classes and constant feedback in terms of diagnostic tests.
Mian Hassan Yousuf, University College Lahore
September 2010

I got 2000 compared to my initial 1610 in the first diagnostic.
Thanks to your intensive essay practice I improved my essay score from 1 to 11
Yusufullah, Aitchison College
SAT Score 2000
June 2010

I’m happy to say that SmartPrep provided me with qualified and, more importantly, friendly teachers. The atmosphere was just the right level of non-seriousness which is conducive to learning.
Shahrukh Aslam, LACAS
Accepted for the LUMS Batch of 2014
May 2010

SmartPrep helped me do the impossible. I have math phobia and for true reason. However all the extra help and attention from SmartPrep teachers enabled me to get the ropes right. It was very helpful because we could sit at the office forever and get all our questions answered. Thank you SmartPrep.
Maham Naweed, LGS DHA
Accepted for the LUMS Batch of 2014
May 2010

SmartPrep guided me about the GRE test, gave tips and tricks about zeroing to the right answer without wasting anytime, and access to Computer-Adaptive tests. I feel that without the SmartPrep course I would have not have been so well prepared for the test.
Haroon Wasim Malik, GRE Student
May 2010

Choosing SmartPrep to guide me in my endeavors to get a better SAT score turned out to be one of my best decisions as here I experienced unheard levels of dedication and commitment to excellence, which are reflected in the amazing SAT success of its students. And yes, they also helped me get into LUMS.
Zainab Cheema, LGS DHA
SAT Score 2260: 760 Reading, 800 Writing, 700 Quantitative, 12 Essay.
Accepted for the LUMS Batch of 2014
May 2010

Meet SmartPrep. If you thought studying can’t be fun, think again, because at SmartPrep, you’ll not only get to learn and sharpen your skills but you’ll have FUN doing it, with friendly, cooperative, encouraging instructors, and a cordial environment. You get drills to work on, scores to aim for, technology to help you, and support from your study mates. When you’re working and studying hard, you get hungry. Smart Prep encourages you to eat! I’ll never forget my classes there, our brains aided by the sweet and salty food from the bakery nearby. And if you don’t know what ‘lampoon’ means, Smart Prep is the place to be! 🙂
Bushra Azeem
GRE student and Fulbright Applicant
May 2010

SmartPrep has done wonders for me. After GOD and luck, I owe my admission into LUMS to the hard work of SmartPrep. The way we were taught here and made to do endless practice tests ensured remarkable results. Teachers were diligent and friendly, and though we tested their patience now and then they never gave up on us. Thus after spending a month at SmartPrep I am a proud LUMINITE!
Shahzeb Babree, SICAS
Accepted for the LUMS Batch of 2014
May 2010

SmartPrep was good. The teachers were good, but the best part is that they are very accurate. Their score predictions give you an exact idea of what you are going to get in your final SAT.
Haider Ali Zafar , Aitchison College
SAT Score: 1920
May 2010

My name is Batool Abbas and I scored a 2010 on my first attempt at the SAT. I feel that I owe a lot to the SmartPrep course for this achievement seeing as I consulted no books nor did I get too many breaks from school work to study in my own time. Due to the useful tips and tricks in getting through the test in ‘smart’ time, the constant practice and weekly diagnostics, combined with efforts of the most patient instructors [Ms. Hannanah], SmartPrep really helped me survive the SAT.
Batool Abbas , LGS 55 Main
SAT Score: 2010
May 2010

I can gleefully admit that I got into LUMS, during their early admission. That is I relief, because I honestly did not want to go anywhere else. This only happened because I had a marvelous LCAT which was only possible because we had the brains to enroll into the SmartPrep LCAT prep classes. Without SmartPrep, I would have stared blankly at my LCAT paper. Thank you SmartPrep.
Wasae Imran , SICAS
Accepted for the LUMS Batch of 2014
May 2010

The SAT is perhaps the most daunting part of the whole foreign university application process. Thanks to SmartPrep, this big scary monster became easily tractable (a word I learnt during one of the classes). The teachers at SmartPrep are more than competent and are thoroughly familiar with the almost enigmatic content of the test. It’s fun, easy learning at SmartPrep, and definitely a type of learning that would get my strongest recommendation.
Sheheryar R. Sheikh , Aitchison College
SAT Score 2290: 790 Reading, 800 Writing, 700 Quantitative, 12 Essay.
May 2010

Hello everyone. Most of us know that getting admission to LUMS is not a piece of cake. It not only requires good academics and extracurricular activities but a GOOD LCAT Score as well (considering the fact that it is compulsory now).Via College Counseling I joined this Institution, first for my SAT And later for LCAT Preparation. With their rigorous techniques of cracking the standardized tests, I am truly convinced that this institution is the very place where you actually need to come and enroll yourself. The LUMS instructors are very friendly and co-operative. They will equip you with the best possible skills. So anyone out there who has a dream to be a LUMINITE (like me) should definitely enroll herself/himself here. You won’t be disappointed, that is a promise. 🙂 Hats off to SmartPrep for they have helped me accomplish what I wanted the most. 😀
Toobah Ali , Lahore Grammar School
Accepted for the LUMS Batch of 2014 April 2010

I came to SmartPrep only a week before my GRE, not knowing at all what the GRE was, and how I was going to prepare for it. SmartPrep helped me by answering my queries, guiding me about preparation and calming my anxieties. I got an 800 on my GRE Verbal Section and was able to complete all application requirements for the Fulbright Scholarship in time, despite the short deadline.
GRE Score: 1380
May 2010

The teachers work hard on each and every one of us equally! I’ll never forget the time spent there…it has been a lifetime experience!! HATS OFF to all our teachers!
Mariam Saeed , Lahore Grammar School
April 2010

SmartPrep is an ideal place for test preparation since it has excellent resources for its students; starting from the endless handouts and worksheets to all of the instructors who, be it night or day were always there to solve any problem one could have had. During my preparation for LCAT at SmartPrep, all the hard work which I was made to do with all the workload and pressure was tiresome at times but once I made it to LUMS I actually realized that it was all worth it!!
Zainab Shumail , Lahore Grammar School
Accepted for the LUMS Batch of 2014 April 2010

SmartPrep has an extremely comfortable atmosphere where students can gain a little confidence towards the scary SAT or LCAT. The teachers are extremely helpful and approachable which makes it worthwhile and fun! I would recommend it to anyone!
Azal Zahir , Lahore Grammar School
April 2010

What lies between a US admission is a giant hurdle called the SAT and Smartprep taught me how to overcome this hurdle.
Zargham bin Aamer, Aitchison College
SAT 2013