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Why choose SmartPrep?

Because it remains the No. 1 choice amongst students and leading educational institutions across Pakistan. Check out Student Spotlight and Our Partners for more.

Featured Student: Alia

I came to SmartPrep only a week before my GRE, not knowing at all what the GRE was, and how I was going to prepare for it. SmartPrep helped me by answering my queries, guiding me about preparation and calming my anxieties. I got an 800 on my GRE Verbal Section and was able to complete all application requirements for the Fulbright Scholarship in time, despite the short deadline. The one on one guidance I received from SmartPrep teachers helped me make best use of my time and enabled me to get a perfect GRE verbal score.

Contact us to learn about the following test preparatory services: SmartPrep Boot Camp (SBC), SmartPrep Group Tutoring (SGT) and  SmartPrep  One-on-One Tutoring (SOT).

GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination. It is a computer based standardized test required by most graduate schools in America and many schools in Europe and some other countries.

GRE is offered on all weekdays in Pakistan barring public holidays. However, test dates become unavailable once all spots available for a given test date are taken.

Students can register for GRE through mail, phone and the ETS website.

How much does it cost to take GRE in Pakistan? $205

‘SmartPrep is now offering classes for the Revised GRE’
SmartPrep Standard Course (SSC)
Course length: 7 weeks
Class frequency: 2 times a week
Class duration: 3 hours
Class days: Schedule
Total sessions: 14 classes and 5 tests