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Company Profile

SmartPrep was founded in 2008 to provide students better quality test preparation services at affordable rates in a market where local test preparatory institutions and international franchises were unable to provide students with preparation that caters to their linguistic needs. SmartPrep develops and conducts courses that help students score better by exploiting their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses.

The SmartPrep Advantage

Philosophy: Work Smart, Not Hard!

Make a chimpanzee perform a task a hundred times and he will eventually learn a trick. Alas! many students end up at prep centers that make them practice too much and learn too little. We do not treat our students as chimpanzees. We respect their intelligence and help them maximize their potential by focusing on problem areas rather than wasting vaulable time solving questions that teach concepts they already know.

Founders: Educators, Not Entrepreneurs!

Arif and Hannnanah have over 10 and 6 years of education management experience respectively that includes developing, improving and conducting preparatory courses for local and international standardized tests. Yes, it pays to help students get into their dream schools but is that why we do it? Nah! It is the challenge of enabling a student with math phobia score over 700 on the math section and helping a student who starts with a below 500 reading score achieve a 670 that holds the real reward.

Team: Take the test to teach the test!

Our teachers teach courses they themselves have appeared for and aced. Not only have all our teachers taken the respective tests they teach but whenever a test changes our teachers appear for the test again. All teachers go through a rigorous selection and training process that drives them to strive for excellence. One third of our teachers have a Masters degree in education or a related field and all our teachers are either LUMS alumni or students.

Student Counter

SmartPrep Team has collectively helped 4016 students successfuly prepare for standardized tests and secure admission in university of their choice.

Content: We make our own questions!

You are taught content created specifically for the needs of Pakistani students and not photocopies from various books that you can buy off the shelf at a bookstore. Our manuals are designed to systematically introduce students to new concepts with questions of increasing levels of difficulty. Not only do the manuals and tests help students understand and learn concepts but also enable students to apply learned concepts in various situations to appreciate the true value of different methods and shortcuts.

Value: Best return for your buck!

Education is not a commodity. We believe in giving every student a fighting chance. We guarantee a score increase. Our track record speaks for itself. We keep our costs low and thus offer students best value for what they pay. Also, if you are a deserving student with grades to show, come talk to us about how we can facilitate you.

Student Spotlight

Thank you so much for all your help. Don’t think I would have done half as well without your help.
Hamza Qaiser, Aitchison College


SMARTPREP is the exclusive standardized test preparation partner of several leading educational institutions in Pakistan.

Preparatory Courses

SmartPrep specializes in preparatory courses for a wide range of national and international standardized tests.



SMARTPREP is the exclusive standardized test preparation partner of several leading educational institutions in Pakistan including; Aitchison College, LGS Defence, LGS 55 Main, LGS 1A1, LGS JT, LGS Paragon, Lahore Alma, City School, Beaconhouse School System, LACAS, SICAS, and Learning Alliance. It is also the official test preparation provider for LUMS eMBA LMAT preparation. In addition, it is a Preferred Partner of PTE (Pearson Test of English), and proudly affiliated with Consultancy Plus.